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MCD Series Enables Electronic Adjustment of Measuring Range

Mon, 11/23/2009 - 9:36am


Posital Inc.’s new analog interface in the Magnetocode (MCD) family of rotary encoders. These products are ideal for cost-sensitive applications that use sim-ple analog-based measurement and control systems. They are available in sin-gle- or multi-turn models that provide several advantages over conventional potentiometers. Because MCD encoders use non-contacting Hall-effect sensors to measure rotations, they are more reliable than potentiometers – which can suffer from wear and contamination at the contact between the wiper and the resistive element. Moreover, the MCD encoders have a unique range adjust-ment feature: The encoder can be “taught” the rotary positions that correspond to the limits of travel of the machine that is connected to. Once this has been done, the encoder’s internal electronics will automatically scale the output so that the full range of signal voltage exactly covers the full range of travel of the machine, thereby optimizing the accuracy of the measurement system.

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