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Micro Power Offers Battery Packs for Surgical Instruments; Compatible with Gamma Sterilization

Fri, 02/05/2010 - 10:55am

Micro Power Electronics Inc. (MD&M West Booth 2252) offers advanced, custom lithium battery packs that can be sterilized and withstand gamma sterilization without performance degradation. These battery packs provide surgical instrument manufacturers with ample run time and power to complete major surgeries with a cordless device. The use of gamma sterilization offers the advantage of delivering the battery pack in the same packaging as other disposable components of the equipment. Micro Power is the only battery pack manufacturer to offer lithium battery packs designed for use after gamma sterilization.

“We are pleased to offer lithium battery packs that are convenient and safe for sterile surgical environments. Battery powered surgical instruments bring efficiency and reliability to surgeons during increasingly complex procedures,” said Robin Tichy, medical marketing manager for Micro Power.

Micro Power performed extensive testing and evaluation of disposable lithium primary batteries, and implemented cell and enclosure testing for compatibility and efficacy with gamma sterilization. Since OEMs consider product safety and integrity of utmost importance, safety and integrity was proven with an array of tests, including electrical, environmental, and mechanical tests. Micro Power is currently shipping lithium battery packs that are sterilized with gamma radiation.

Micro Power focuses on power solutions for portable, handheld medical devices. The company’s battery systems power close to 70% of all portable automated external defibrillators in the market today. Micro Power is an ISO 13485 certified supplier of custom battery systems for portable medical equipment.


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