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Air Bearing Gantry System Offers Precision

Tue, 03/23/2010 - 9:58am

This customizable, precision, multi-axis air bearing gantry system consists of an XY stage, utilizing air bearings, plus a conventional ball screw driven Z table. It is ideal wherever there is a need for ultra high precision and dynamic performance. These stages achieve the following standard XY specifications: travel is 600 × 600 mm, positional accuracy is 10 microns, positioning repeatability is ±1.0 micron, and straightness and flatness is 1.0 micron. Position feedback is accomplished via an incremental linear encoder with a resolution of 50 nm. Typical Z stage performance includes: 25 to 200 mm travel; positional accuracy of 10 microns; and repeatability of ±1.0 micron.


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