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Coiler Ideal for Medical Tubing and Wire

Wed, 06/23/2010 - 6:58am
Coiler Ideal for Medical Tubing and WireThe Mini-Winder tubing set coiling machine is used in manufacturing and packaging of disposable medical devices such as tubing or wire sets. When using the Mini-Winder, tubing is coiled and packaged three times faster than conventional methods and it reduces the risk of injury to hands and wrists.

The Mini-Winder offers a complete package for efficient coiling of tubing or wire that must be wound. A length of material is placed on the turntable, which rotates the exact number of times necessary to make the coil. The speed, diameter of coil, number of rotations, and direction of the turntable, along with many other features are easily adjusted using a keypad. After a coil is completed, the turntable mandrel retracts, enabling the operator to slide the finished product into a package without having to lift it.

The Mini-Winder is manufactured for use in a clean environment.


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