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Machining Center Has Linear Scales and Approx. Five Micron Position Accuracy

Mon, 06/28/2010 - 6:40am
Machining Center Has Linear Scales and Approx. Five Micron Position AccuracyDatron Dynamics Inc. has announced the release of the M10 Pro, the next generation in their line of German-engineered high speed machining centers that includes significant advancements in their machining technology. Specifically, the M10 Pro features linear scales on all axes driven by larger motors and drives yielding a +/-5 micron position accuracy and rapids up to 30 meters per minute. The addition of linear scales led to the development of a newly designed high-speed CNC control for three to six axes. The M10 Pro has a direct-drive, liquid-chilled, 40,000 RPM spindle using HSK-25E tool holders with <1 micron run-out.

With a gantry construction the M10 Pro has a maximized work area of 40 x 28 in., while only using a floor space footprint of 79 x 83 in.. Added functionality like palletized work-holding and advanced probing is available for manufacturers looking to reduce set-up time and increase part quality and uniformity. The M10 Pro is positioned for applications requiring high accuracy and spindle speed, such as medical part prototyping and production.


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