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MarSurf UD 120 Measures Surface and Contour in Single Pass

Wed, 06/30/2010 - 12:41pm

The new MarSurf UD 120 from Mahr Federal can generate both surface and contour measurements in a single pass. Designed for economy, the system provides high accuracy over a large measuring range in nanometer resolutions. The MarSurf UD 120 includes both automated motorized operation and joystick control, along with a patented magnetic probe mounting feature that not only prevents probe damage, but allows probe changes in seconds and without any additional tools.

The drive unit on the MarSurf UD 120 allows traversing lengths from 0.1 mm to 120 mm with drive speeds between 0.1 and 2 mm/s. A glass scale in the x-direction allows automatic positioning. The probe's motion is sensed by an optical measuring system based on a rocker-arm principal with the stylus tip on one end and an interferometer on the other. Probe movement is registered by photo diodes and evaluated electronically. This innovative measuring method allows the system to achieve a very high resolution over a large range. Probe measuring range is 10-20 mm, and the unit's standard LD A14-102/60° diamond probe yields z-axis resolution of 2 nm and a residual Rz0 value of 60 nm. Different probe geometries are also available.

Of note is the innovative probe construction method and the patented magnetic mounting system of the UD 120. Probe arms are built using a bridge-truss design which ensures maximum rigidity and low oscillation for unwavering precision. The magnetic mounting system allows probes to be changed by hand in seconds and provides protection in the event of system collision. A ball stop assembly assures probe fit to within a µm, and since calibration data is saved, probe changes do not require additional calibration.

The MarSurf UD 120 comes with Mahr's XCR 20 CNC software package for automatic measurement operation. Built on Mahr's modular MarWin platform, it provides extensive surface and contour measurement and evaluation capability, including functions such as line form evaluation, nominal/actual comparison, and the creation of auxiliary reference points. An intuitive, icon-based interface makes the software efficient and easy to use. Both the drive unit and measuring stand axes of the UD 120 can be controlled either by joystick or automated measuring programs.


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