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Plastic Hybrid Aspheric Lenses Eliminate Chromatic Aberration

Wed, 06/16/2010 - 6:54am


Plastic Hybrid Aspheric Lenses Eliminate Chromatic Aberration

Edmund Optics (EO), a provider of optical components, introduces its new Techspec Plastic Hybrid Aspheric Lenses. These color-corrected plastic aspheres are molded aspheric-diffractive lenses, designed to eliminate chromatic aberrations caused by broadband light sources. The lenses feature proprietary diffraction-limited designs and are ideally suited for imaging and ophthalmic applications and for use with tunable laser and broadband or multispectral illumination sources.   

The unique aspheric base eliminates spherical aberration, allowing for greater image quality. The diffractive surface features a negative optical dispersion, which yields excellent color correction and minimized chromatic aberration. This characteristic makes the lenses perfect for a wide variety of applications in the imaging and ophthalmic industries.

Edmund Optics' Techspec Plastic Hybrid Aspheric Lenses are similar in performance to the company's Techspec Aspherized Achromats, yet they offer several advantages. As the plastic hybrid aspheric lenses are an all-plastic, monolithic design, they are much lighter weight than comparable aspherized achromats. They are also available in higher numerical aperture designs than the aspherized achromats. These lenses are limited by the inherent diffraction efficiency of the aspheric surface, so they yield a lower overall transmission than comparable aspherized achromats.

Techspec Plastic Hybrid Aspheric Lenses feature a low-cost, molded design. They are available in twenty different coated and uncoated versions in sizes ranging from 12 mm diameter x 9 mm FL up to 12 mm diameter x 24 mm FL and 25 mm diameter x 20 mm FL to 25 mm diameter x 50 mm FL.



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