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Heat Sink Screw Dissipates up to 16 Watt

Thu, 08/12/2010 - 7:00am
Heat Sink Screw Dissipates up to 16 WattIronwood Electronics has recently introduced a series of heat sink screw for its high performance GHz BGA socket family. The HS-SG-6002 heat sink screw is designed for 31 x 31 mm to 42.5 x 42.5-mm package size and dissipates up to 16 watt with additional fan mounted on the top. In addition to heat dissipation, the heat sink screw also serves as a compression mechanism for the GHz socket. The heat sink screw threads into the socket lid that can be swivel open from the socket base. After placing the IC inside the socket cavity, swivel the lid and turn the heat sink compression screw. This provides enough force to compress the device on to the contact element as well as optimum surface contact with IC top side for heat dissipation to keep IC’s junction temperature without exceeding its limits.

The HS-SG-6002 heat sink screws are constructed with 7075 aluminum and optimized using fin design with maximum surface area per simulation results from Qfin software. The thermal resistance of heat sink screw is 0.530 C/W. Maximum temperature seen at heat sink base was 30.27°C and the minimum temperature seen at fins was 29.89°C.


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