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Touch Screen Force Measurement System Suited for Medical Devices

Fri, 10/08/2010 - 6:33am
Touch Screen Force Measurement System Suited for Medical DevicesMecmesin, a leading manufacturer of force and torque test equipment, has launched the MultiTest-xt touch screen force measurement system, ideally suited for measuring Class I, II and III medical devices, as well as their component parts.

Designed for customers in busy production environments who want an easy-to-use test system without the need for a PC or complex software, the MultiTest-xt is a stand-alone system encapsulating all the elements needed to perform quality control assessments.

The sealed touch screen houses a simple user-interface, suitable for any level of operator, from operators on production lines to quality control specialists. Programming functions, test data, and evaluation tools are all accessed via a straightforward menu navigation structure, enabling quick selection and commencement of tests. For example, in “quick test” mode, a test can be chosen and started with a couple of taps to the screen.

Clear color-coded pass/fail indicators allow smooth, efficient routine in-line checks, while a range of analysis tools provide ample data interrogation options to highlight points of interest, detect problems, and identify key design parameters for reporting purposes.


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