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Mil-Quality Micro Circular Connectors Have Right Angle Option

Tue, 11/16/2010 - 6:33am
Mil-Quality Micro Circular Connectors Have Right Angle OptionOmnetics Connector Corporation, a leading manufacturer of miniature high-rel connectors, has added another tail termination to its Micro Circular product line. Omnetics micro circulars previously have been available in four barrel sizes five, 12, 16, and 27 positions, with the tail terminations being: soldercup, pre-wired, and straight thru-hole versions. Omnetics has now expanded two of these barrel sizes—five and 12—to include a right angle version. This right angle micro circular product also includes the option to add stand-off to the product as well.

Omnetics circulars have been designed to save space and weight, while increasing interconnect reliability with Mil Spec components and materials. Continuously used in military, medical, and industrial applications, Omnetics micro circular have proven their rugged reliability, and now have expanded their usage in an attempt to save even more space on a board with the addition of the right angle thru hole mounting capabilities.


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