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Vacuum Pumps Deliver High Flow at Low Vacuum Levels

Thu, 11/18/2010 - 11:58am
Vacuum Pumps Deliver High Flow at Low Vacuum LevelsKNF N920 Series diaphragm vacuum pumps to transfer, evacuate, or compress air, gases, and vapors have been engineered to deliver higher flow performance at low absolute vacuum levels. Their innovative diaphragm stabilization system uniquely promotes optimized suction speed, especially in the low-vacuum range. These pumps ideally suit a wide range of analysis, monitoring, and production applications and also can support turbomolecular systems as roughing or backing solutions.

KNF N920 pumps exhibit a high level of gas tightness to 6 x 10-3 mbar l/s specifications and can achieve flow rates up to 21 l/m, vacuum of 1.5 mbar absolute, and maximum continuous pressure of 0.5 bar g. Flow rates additionally can be adjusted to meet the particular requirements of a process by integrating an optional potentiometer or specifying an external analog signal to alter motor speed.

The pumps are offered in three-head OEM installation models with multi-voltage power supply input. They feature a universal (90-264VAC, 50-60Hz) AC input or brush-commutated DC or brushless DC (BLDC) motor and are designed to run quietly, efficiently, and reliably over time with minimal maintenance. Pumps operate oil-free to retain the purity of the pumped medium.


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