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Marker Band Swager Offers Touch Screen

Wed, 12/08/2010 - 5:59am
Marker Band Swager Offers Touch ScreenInterface Catheter Solutions upgrades to the MBS-200; marker band swaging equipment includes touch screen with easy to operate user interface and clear catheter insertion guide for improved swaging alignment.

The MBS-200 now offers two modes of operation for either two marker bands or multiple marker band placements. The operator simply chooses the mode of operation preferred and the machine operates within the selected criteria. This is accomplished through the new touch screen user interface, which allows operators to choose operating mode, catheter advancement speed, distance between marker bands, and swaging frequency. The touch screen also allows easy viewing of the lifetime hammering counter for measuring swaging rate of occurrence for wear and maintenance monitoring.

A new clear guide has been added to provide for simple catheter insertion and improved alignment. The clear guide lets operators view as the catheter is inserted for visual accuracy.


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