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Resistors Offer Significantly Lower Operating Temperatures At Rated Power

Wed, 12/08/2010 - 11:38am


Resistors Offer Significantly Lower Operating Temperatures At Rated PowerStackpole's MLF and MLFM Series metal electrode leadless face (MELF) resistors offer significantly lower operating temperatures at rated power compared to similar sized flat chip resistors. Their cylindrical form increases the surface area exposed to the air and disperses the heat generated from the part to the air more efficiently. The 0204 size runs at only 55°C at 1/2 watt and the 0207 size runs at only 67°C at 1.0 watt. For comparison, standard 2010 thick film flat chip resistors will run at around 140°C and 2512s will run at around 150°C assuming equivalent board materials and design. This significant improvement allows design engineers more flexibility in design layout and can also allow downsizing or adding functionality to existing designs.

The MLF and MLFM Series are ideally suited for a wide variety of power supplies requiring higher power density or lower self heating.

Additional applications include medical instrumentation and monitoring equipment.

The MLF and MLFM Series are available in 0204 and 0207 sizes in 1/4, 1/2, and 1.0 watt power ratings. Resistance values are from 1 ohm to 10 Meg ohms, with tolerances as low as 0.1% and TCRs as low as 10 ppm.


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