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Captive 20-mm Linear Actuator Offers Extended Stroke

Mon, 01/17/2011 - 5:56am


Captive 20-mm Linear Actuator Offers Extended StrokeHaydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc, a leading manufacturer of precision linear motion products, introduces the extended stroke captive 19000 series linear actuator. The extended stroke 19000 series is the latest addition to the popular high output can-stack line offered by Haydon Kerk. The 1.22 in. stroke length allows a greater range of linear motion while at the same time, maintaining the small mechanical footprint for use in demanding applications requiring compact components. With a body diameter of only 20 mm and a linear force of up to 180 oz, this linear actuator easily outperforms similar sized units in the marketplace today.

The 19000 can-stack linear actuator uses the latest technology in both materials and manufacturing. Technical enhancements compared with the typical can-stack motor found in the marketplace includes optimized stator tooth geometry, high energy neodymium magnets, custom engineered polymers, and larger ball bearings. The resulting system is a tiny linear actuator with high force, high accuracy, and unmatched durability.


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