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DC Electric Motors Offer Flexibility

Mon, 01/17/2011 - 5:36am
DC Electric Motors Offer FlexibilityWhen it comes time to choose DC electric motors for use in products or systems under development or those about to go into mass production, design engineers are likely to base their final motor selection on three key factors: power, speed, and shaft configuration.

Kenn Langosch, sales manager for industrial motors for Bosch, says the Bosch i-Business Group offers optimal flexibility in meeting customers’ output requirements by offering more than five hundred different part numbers for 12-24 volt Bosch DC electric motors. Additionally, the Bosch i-Business Group’s staff is available to work with customers to modify or enhance the standard Bosch motor offerings to best meet the power or control needs of stationary, portable, and battery-powered applications.

Bosch’s comprehensive range of DC electric motors includes brushless and brush-type motors. Depending on the part number, the nominal power will range from 0.22 W to 2.38 kW; with nominal torque from 2 Ncm to 7 Nm.


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