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Millimeter to Sub-Micrometer Surface Textures Through Partial Photochemical Etch Process

Fri, 02/04/2011 - 5:43am
Millimeter to Sub-Micrometer Surface Textures Through Partial Photochemical Etch ProcessHutchinson Technology Inc (HTI), an industry leader in manufacturing precision components, announces successful high volume production of micropatterned parts utilizing a partial photochemical etching process. Partial photochemical etching removes material selectively by using a patterned mask and rigorous etch depth control.

Photochemical etching technology allows simultaneous fabrication of a multitude of 3D structures that are too small, too precise, or too expensive to fabricate with traditional forming and machining techniques. Additionally, photochemical etching technology enables low cost rapid prototyping, leading to shortened development times and faster time to market. This technology, combined with electrochemical surface treatments, allows the engineering of surface textures from millimeter to sub-micrometer scales.

Modifying surface conditions can be useful in altering friction, force distribution, thermal interface characteristics, etc. HTI recently utilized this technology to help a medical device manufacturer deliver superior tribological performance by engineering the surface of their device. HTI specializes in helping customers reduce their form factor by miniaturizing and integrating components.


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