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Abrasive Cutter Has Digital Display to Track X-Axis Movement

Wed, 03/02/2011 - 6:02am


Abrasive Cutter Has Digital Display to Track X-Axis MovementBuehler’s AbrasiMatic 300 abrasive cutter now features the optional X-Bed for increased convenience when sectioning in the x-axis direction. The accompanying digital display tracks x-axis travel, improving precision, consistency, and repeatability in serial (parallel) sectioning applications.

Introduced in 2008, the AbrasiMatic 300 is a bench-top cutter featuring a 12-inch abrasive cut-off wheel that can section up to a 4.375 in. (110 mm) diameter sample. A 5 Hp (3.7 kW) motor powers through large and hardened materials, including steel, highly-alloyed metals, coated metals, ceramics, concrete, and minerals.

The new X-Bed adjusts using a handle wheel on the front of the machine; operators can quickly and easily position/reposition samples without unclamping them from the table or vice. After making the first cut, operators can then set the digital display to zero. Any subsequent x-axis table movement is then displayed in specific increments.

The AbrasiMatic 300 offers four sectioning options: X-axis serial sectioning; manual “chop” style cutting in the z-axis using the manual cutting lever; manual longitudinal y-axis cutting using the y-axis handle wheel and automated longitudinal y-axis cutting using the y-axis motor feed and touch-screen controls. Buehler’s unique Smartcut system automatically reduces the feed rate to produce burn-free cuts. A pulse cutting mode reduces deformation on difficult-to-cut materials.


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