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Quick-Release Nut for Lead Screw Tables

Mon, 05/09/2011 - 7:25am
Quick-Release Nut for Lead Screw TablesBearings specialist, igus, now offers a “quick-release” nut for its DryLin lead screw tables. The specially designed system makes format adjustments faster and easier by reducing the number of revolutions required to position the carriage on a lead screw assembly with a small pitch.

When equipped with the quick-release nut, a DryLin lead screw table can be adjusted by simply pushing a button, which releases the linear slide from the thread. Then the carriage can be manually pushed into place and locked in position. Adjustments requiring increased precision can be made using the mechanism’s hand wheel.

The nut uses a fast-action release, which makes it possible for half of the thread transmitting the force to move out of the threaded area. Once any adjustments have been made, the partial thread locks back into its other half when the pushbutton is released. Finally, because the self-locking trapezoidal thread acts as a brake, the nut comes to an immediate standstill after manual positioning.

igus supplies its DryLin modular guide systems with quick-release nuts in two different styles: “HTS”, a flexible slide table system available with several shaft and screw combinations, including hard anodized aluminum, steel and stainless steel; or “HTSP”, a lightweight, cost-effective alternative that uses plastic blocks. In the near future, the quick-release nuts will be available as an individual part with a flange and aluminum housing.

“Our new quick-release nuts offer an alternative to trapezoidal nuts typically made of steel, bronze, brass, or plastics like PA 6.6 or POM. Unlike these types, igus’ entire range of trapezoidal lead screw nuts does not require lubrication. They are made from high-performance plastics, which are self-lubricating, corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free,” said Matt Mowry, product manager for igus’ line of DryLin linear bearings, guides and slide tables.


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