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Precision Cleaning System

Thu, 06/16/2011 - 6:05am
Precision Cleaning SystemMicroCare Medical, a division of MicroCare Corporation that supplies advanced cleaners, carrier fluids, coatings and lubricants to medical device designers, engineers and manufacturers, will bedemonstrating its cleaning capabilities to address design engineers’ and manufactures’ need for clean devices before they go onto be coated or packaged. At its booth during MD&M East, MicroCare Medical will be showcasing the vapor degreasing process and its broad offering of precision cleaners.

“It is essential that devices that are going to be coated or packaged, are clean – especially in the medical industry,” said Thomas Tattersall, executive vice president of MicroCare Medical. “Using cleaning solvents in a vapor degreasing system is a way to ensure that parts come out of the cleaning process clean, dry and ready for coating or packaging.”

Solvents like those that MicroCare Medical provides are used in vapor degreaser cleaning systems, which have recently emerged as the new cleaning trend in the medical industry. The low viscosity and surface tension ratings of the MicroCare Medical precision cleaners combined with their volatility allow them to clean very effectively, penetrating small areas that other cleaners, like water-based options, cannot.The solvents also dry quickly, leaving no moisture or residue on cleaned parts.

The MicroCare Medical precision cleaners also meet today’s strict Environmental Protection Agency regulations.

“Historically, many vapor degreasing solvents, while very effective cleaners, were banned across industries because of environmental issues” said Jay Tourigny, senior vice president of MicroCare Medical. “Today’s solvents now meet strict EPA standards and also vapor degreasing systems are very energy efficient.”


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