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Production of Custom Catheter Tips

Wed, 08/24/2011 - 6:54am
Production of Custom Catheter TipsMedical Murray, a medical device development and contract manufacturing company, with ISO13485 certification and FDA registration, provides clients with custom catheter tips for all their complex catheter requirements.

Medical Murray has for the last 15 years assisted their clients with the design and/or manufacture of complex catheter systems, sub-assemblies, and components, including tips. They have a fully equipped, catheter development laboratory, which offers multiple technologies and supporting equipment to form, shape, attach, and test catheter tips with complex internal and external geometric features.

Medical Murray routinely provides their clients with the following catheter tip services for catheters in the 2Fr to 30Fr range: material selection, design for application and manufacturing, building prototypes, and producing production parts. Their capabilities include either making tips for customer installation or insert molding tips to the shaft. Regardless of the application, whether to simply make the distal end of the catheter atraumatic, to house a sensor, to deliver and/or draw fluids, Medical Murray has the equipment and the processing experience to produce custom tips for complex catheters.

One of the technologies making the production of small, complex catheter tips possible is nanomolding. Nanomolding is a combination of equipment (Sesame nanomolding machine invented and patented by Medical Murray), process development and now 15 years of experience producing very, very, small, sub-micromolded parts with complex geometric features from thermoplastic, thermoset and bioabsorbable polymers. Medical Murray utilizes identical equipment in their separate development and production facilities to allow for an easy transfer from development to production. All development and production molding, testing and inspection are conducted in ISO Class 7 clean rooms.

“We are very proud of our state of the art response capabilities to our client’s needs for complex catheter tips”, offers Phil Leopold, president of Medical Murray. In several applications, Medical Murray has created custom equipment and processes to provide a suitable tipping solution for a client, as the appropriate equipment was not commercially available. Phil Leopold continues, “This capability is very important to our company’s mission to be able to provide our clients with all the services required to design and build complex catheter systems, sub-assemblies and components.”



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