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Magnetic Reed Switches and Custom Transformers

Thu, 09/08/2011 - 6:23am
Magnetic Reed Switches and Custom TransformersStandex Electronics will features a full range of magnetic reed switches – including the world’s smallest – along with custom transformers, planar transformers, and other custom electronic components for OEM medical devices in booth #655 at the Medical Design & Manufacturing Show in Minneapolis, November 2-3, 2011. These micro-components allow medical designers to significantly reduce the size of their devices while maintaining performance. Standex micro-miniature reed switches are ideal for hearing aids, pill cams, bone shavers, and other surgical and medical devices, while custom transformers and electronic components are at work in MRI and high-definition (HD) video imaging, patient tables, medical and dental lighting, and more.

In addition, Custom Standex components enable design engineers to incorporate upstream and downstream components like connectors, wiring harnesses, switches and more to streamline production and assembly, saving labor and component costs. A “global footprint” allows the manufacture in ISO registered facilities closer to the worldwide usage point – thus simplifying logistics and reducing shipping costs.

Drawing on decades of experience, Standex engineers provide advice and support throughout the process – from inquiry through delivery. With in-house molding, rapid prototyping, and the ability to wind and assemble all core transformer types, Standex offers unparalleled design and manufacture capabilities. All component designs are verified in an industry leading environmental and test lab.

“Before medical devices can get smaller – their components must get smaller. Standex is at the forefront of this development. That’s why Standex components are at work in medical devices throughout the world – from surgical imaging to hearing aids – and bone shavers to pill cams” said Standex Director of Global Marketing Christian Rogiers. “Our design team serves as a resource for customers – often providing advice or components to streamline the production, assembly or even regulatory process.”


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