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Metal Detectable Thermoplastic

Thu, 09/08/2011 - 6:13am


Metal Detectable ThermoplasticTECAPEEK ID from Ensinger Inc. is made from FDA, USDA, and 3A Dairy compliant components and a special additive to form a thermoplastic that is visible to standard metal detection systems. Since plastics have become widely used for components in food processing equipment, the possibility of failure of highly stressed plastic parts has become a serious production problem. The use of TECAPEEK ID for components along the production line allows detection of a broken part earlier than visual inspection which may not recognize a problem until production has stopped during the cleaning process. In addition to its metal detectable quality, TECAPEEK ID features all of the characteristics needed for high temperature applications. Especially significant is TECAPEEK’s ability to retain its flexural and tensile properties at very high temperatures up to 250°C (482°F). TECAPEEK ID’s unique set of high temperature and high chemical resistance properties combined with these new metal detectable capabilities make it a material of interest for a variety of applications in the food industry. One such is for high temperature kettle scraper blades. These blades can be highly stressed during production and as such are more prone to failure. The viscous nature of foods processed in this way make them vulnerable to contamination when failure occurs. TECAPEEK ID allows easy detection of small pieces contaminating the food by using metal detection technology.


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