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Low Volume Microcrosshead for Microextrusion

Thu, 01/19/2012 - 6:33am
Low Volume Microcrosshead for MicroextrusionB&H Tool Company, a world leader in extrusion tooling technology, has introduced the industry's lowest volume microcrosshead. The BH25A MicroCrosshead with Spiral Deflector delivers breakthrough microextrusion performance for applications including microbore tubing, fiber optics, and insulated fine wire. It was tested by major medical device manufacturers that documented major improvements in process capability and stability.

The BH25A can extrude PEEK tubing with a product ID of .010” and OD of .015". It will extrude FEP insulated fine wire with an OD of .00471" and core OD of .00157". Tolerances are heavily dependent on the process and material, but are generally in the range of +.0005".

Customers who tested the BH25A MicroCrosshead with Spiral Deflector achieved exceptional ID/OD control, superior melt flow, highly uniform material distribution, and short residence time. This resulted in extraordinary concentricity and finished surface quality. Customers using this innovative tooling say these features provide a significant competitive advantage.

The BH25A is manufactured in two versions, both appropriate for biomedical and other FDA applications. A 420 stainless steel model provides optimum performance for thermoplastics, and a Hastelloy head is specified for use with fluoropolymers.

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