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High Capacity Piston Valve

Thu, 05/31/2012 - 12:05pm

High Capacity Piston Valve

In steam applications, high temperatures and extreme pressures require robust components that are designed to take the heat. Long lasting and reliable, the EV245B has been helping to keep steam applications running smoothly since 1976. The valve has benefited from a number of updates in the past 36 years, including the release of a diaphragm version in 1992.

However, with a longer stroke, the piston version is the preferred solution for a range of clean steam applications as it can heat the medium faster – making it ideal for applications where rapid heating is critical. But the engineers at Danfoss also had other ideas to improve the valve’s performance.

To enhance versatility, a series of three different compact polymer coil types that simply clip on to the valve were released in January 2012. Covering three temperature ranges, the BB dc coil is ideal for temperatures up to 140°C, while the BB ac and BN dc coil is suitable for temperatures up to 160°C, and the high temperature BQ ac coil can cope with temperatures up to 185°C.

The perfect alignment of the double-guided piston and the extra closing spring help prevent leakage, while the durable and erosion-resistant stainless steel valve plate protects the surface of the seal. To extend the valve lifetime and to improve valve resilience and resistance against higher temperatures, the piston ring is made of carbon reinforced PTFE and the main orifice seal is made of glass fibre reinforced PTFE. With an official release in late April 2012, the high-performance EV245B is the go-to valve for all clean steam applications, such as autoclaves and laundry equipment.

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