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Innovative Temperature Recorder

Mon, 06/18/2012 - 12:37pm


Innovative Temperature RecorderCold Chain Technologies (CCT) is pleased to announce the PakSense BIOmed XpressPDF Label, its most innovative, accurate method of monitoring and recording temperatures of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, biologics and other perishable products during distribution and storage.  The size of a sugar packet, this durable, waterproof label features an integrated USB connection point that automatically generates a PDF file.

“We’re really excited about offering this new class of temperature recorder,” said TJ Rizzo, Director of Sales & Marketing.  “The BIOmedXpressPDF Label is compact, accurate and easy to use. Its sensor takes a surface read of the object to which it is attached. This provides a more accurate product temperature versus the general ambient readings of bulkier recorders.”  Labels sample temperature every minute for highly accurate reads and are calibrated to NIST standards. “Temperature status information is also indicated at a glance,” continued Rizzo. “There are LEDs on each label that indicate if temperature remained within specification or if a breach occurred.”

Geoff Kaiser, CCT Director of Engineering and Technical Services, noted “These flat labels fit inside shipping containers without requiring additional cargo space, so they maximize your cargo load. Their small size and USB provide the user with complete time and temperature history, including graphs and summary data. There are no readers or proprietary software required - just plug it into a computer.”

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