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Testing Medical Devices and Biomaterials at Body Temperature

Tue, 07/24/2012 - 1:23pm

Instron, a leading provider of testing equipment solutions designed to evaluate mechanical properties of materials and components, announces the new BioBox – a controlled air environment ideally designed for testing of large or long medical devices at body temperature. The BioxBox is a more practical environmental solution for devices or materials that elongate beyond the testing space allowed by a heated bath or that cannot be submerged in a liquid.

Incorporated as a standard item on single column electromechanical frames, the BioBox allows for full travel tests of sutures, catheter tubings, latex gloves, and more. It permits use of standard grips, fixtures and other accessories without the need for high-corrosion resistant materials normally associated with submersible solutions.

The BioBox is ergonomically designed with a unique dual door panel and high-level air ducts for consistent air flow and uniform temperature distribution during testing. Although the frame is situated inside the bох, the operational panel and emergency stop button are relocated outside of the bох.



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