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Tri-layer Co-Extrusion Process Ensures No Delamination Between Layers

Mon, 08/13/2012 - 10:54am

Interface Catheter Solutions tri-layer extrusion comprises an outer layer, a core layer, and an intermediate tie layer. The tri-layer tubing is coextruded so it is not subject to delamination. Tri-layer tubing provides the advantage of a reduction in the overall cost of catheter manufacture as it provides low friction for the advancement of a guide wire or catheter through the lumen without comprising strength and stiffness.

Interface has worked on an extrusion process to ensure that the tie-layer is circumferentially present and there is no delamination between tubing layers. A critical element in co-extrusion (especially small, tri-layer extrusions) is a uniform middle layer of adhesive that holds the outer and inner layers together. Without uniformity, the layers can delaminate and cause problems with the finished catheter. The tri-layer extrusion is available with wall thickness down to .0025”.

“To maintain this uniform ‘tie-layer’ we invested in an expensive imaging system that captures high-resolution pictures of the cross-section of these micro-extruded tubes that we supply with every order,” said Mark Geiger, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “This technology gives us the ability to stop a run if the tie-layer isn’t circumferentially present and reset parameters.”

Interface brings a high level of commitment to quality for medical extrusion including the tri-layer tubing extrusion process. Our highly skilled extrusion production team employs precise extrusion processes that deliver unparalleled performance characteristics and tight tolerance custom medical extrusion. Our clean room facilities, equipment and dedicated staff have the capacity, expertise and technical knowledge to produce high-quality tubing to clients’ exacting specifications with competitive lead times.

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