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Friction Positioning Hinges

Thu, 03/21/2013 - 10:19am
MDT Staff


Reell “RT Series” friction positioning hinges introduce uniquely engineered constant torque solutions to precisely control and hold the angle of mounted components in any position.  These hinges carry an industry-leading guaranteed service life exceeding 50,000 cycles for unmatched functionality over time and additionally integrate patented ReellTorq® clip technology for a premium quality feel and smooth and precise position control without requiring adjustment during installation.

Typical applications include motion and positioning of a display or access panel within a wide range of equipment and systems in the medical, aerospace and aviation, automotive, electronics, architectural lighting, and POP and POS industries, among many others.

RT Series hinges provide constant torque throughout their full 360º range of motion without any need to exert potentially damaging excessive force.  Designers can specify from three standard product families delivering successively more powerful torque capabilities: RT70 (torques from 3.0 lb-in to 8.0 lb-in / 0.34 N•m to 0.9 N•m), RT100 (torques from 8.0 lb-in to 20.0 lb-in / 0.9 N•m to 2.26 N•m), and RT120 (torques from 20.0 lb-in to 50.0 lb-in / 2.26 N•m to 5.65 N•m).  Shaft-end style attachment options include flag, straight, or knurled versions.

Among other key features, a symmetric design and mounting-hole pattern eliminates any need for a separate left and right hinge, promotes easy integration into designs, and allows for quick and reliable installation into end products.  Durable zinc die cast housings and bushings combined with hardened steel shaft and torque elements contribute to hinge longevity.

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