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Portable Hydrogen Leak Detector

Wed, 03/06/2013 - 11:23am
MDT Staff


Vacuum Instrument Corp., a world leader in the leak detection industry, today introduced their first portable hydrogen mass spectrometer leak detectors for testing the integrity of components, systems, and parts using hydrogen leak detection techniques.

Designed for use with 5% H2 in N2 gas mixture, the MD-490S H2 provides an alternative to companies who want to eliminate the high cost of helium and associated supply issues. The unit boasts a response time less than 0.5 seconds, sensitivity to smallest detectable leak rate of 5x10-7 Atm-cc/second H2 (atmospheric sniffer mode), with a leak rate range of 10-3~10-7 Atm-cc/second direct reading of H2 leak rate (compensated for atmospheric sampling), tuned for Mass 2.

Some key features include: Hydrogen background suppression, less than 3 minutes total start-up time, leak rate ranging, automatic zero, fully interactive system diagnostics with multilingual displays, front panel key lock-out, standard probe and built-in calibrated gas leak. Options include a remote display and exclusive vibrating probe.

The MD-490S H2 leak detector allows for greater access to superior system intelligence with a push of a button to accurately locate and measure leaks in a wide range of applications.

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