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Standard and Custom Air-in-Line Sensors

Wed, 03/13/2013 - 11:21am
MDT Staff


Morgan Technical Ceramics (MTC) announces its range of piezo ceramic Air in Line (AIL) sensors, ideal for use in medical equipment, including infusion pumps, enteral feeding pumps, and dialysis equipment. The sensors are available as either a standard or custom-manufactured model to suit specific OEM needs, the Air in Line sensor can be adapted to suit tube diameter, tube holding and clamping method, additional sensing features, mounting arrangement, or interface with a disposable cassette.

MTC’s standard piezo ceramic AIL sensor includes a bubble detector for a 4-5 millimeter (mm) tube, designed to minimize the footprint with a short flexi circuit for easy connection via a standard ZIF (zero insertion force) connector. The sensor can be mounted in any orientation and is designed to be dry-coupled to PVC or silicone tubing.

AIL sensors can be customized to meet specific OEM requirements for housing geometry, color, mounting arrangement, electrical terminations, tube diameter, adaptation to specific tubing, and any special functional features. The sensors are available in a variety of forms, from bare-tuned piezo ceramic discs or plates, to a fully functional packaged sensor.

An optional drive circuit designed to plug directly onto the sensor via the ZIF connector is also available. The drive circuit is connected to the power supply and instrumentation using flying leads, but can be modified to include customer specific terminations, or fitted inside the main sensor body for full IP 67 rating.

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