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Precision Spray Control System

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 10:33am
MDT Staff

Fisnar Inc. brings together an enhanced SV2000N series of close tolerance, minimum overspray valves with a precision SVC100 controller that manages the functions necessary to provide repeatable and precise spray performance.

SV2000N valves are available in 3, 12 & 18mm spray paths, suitable for urethanes, flux and silicone coatings. Valves are actuated by air pressure sequenced by the SVC100 controller. Air pressure opens a needle in the valve allowing material to flow; a separate air-line creates pressure in the valve exit cap atomizing the fluid.

The controller sequences the time relationship between a fluid start signal and an atomizing signal. This feature is critical in cleaning the spray nozzle after each spray cycle, by ensuring that the fluid atomizing pressure opens before the fluid -line pressure and that the atomized pressure stays open momentarily after the fluid-line pressure shuts off.

The system can be easily installed to existing production lines with signal control or used as a bench mounted spray station.

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