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External Gauge Control System Delivers Greater Output

Mon, 05/20/2013 - 2:18pm
MDT Staff


Addex has announced an enhanced automatic external gauge control (EGC) system for blown film extrusion lines. The new Tandem external gauge control (TEGC) system combines the gauge control efficiency of Addex’s EGC air ring with a bubble stabilizing lower air ring which achieves 15% to 30% greater output compared to Addex’s standard EGC system. The lower single-lip air ring sits on the die and matches the die’s diameter. It is fed by a blower about half the size of the blower needed for a typical air ring. The blower gently cools the bubble and stabilizes it before entering the realm of the upper, dual-lip automatic gauge control air ring which is located above it. The more stable bubble allows for higher output without jeopardizing the gauge control function.

The remaining components of the Tandem EGC system are the same as those of the standard EGC system. The standard unit is an automatic system that reduces film thickness variations by up to 70%, typically resulting in a 5% to 6% raw material savings. Addex simplified the original air ring structure by moving the electronic circuit board (the brains) from outside of the air ring into the plenum area. This integration offers simplicity, enabling the user (end user or OEM customer) to rely on its own control panel if desired. An end user or OEM customer may also use its own thickness measuring system and feed it via the Ethernet connection to the air ring.

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