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Low-Moded Welding Laser

Mon, 05/13/2013 - 3:56pm
MDT Staff


SPI Lasers has recently announced the launch of a new CW low-moded laser specially designed for thin material spot welding. Single Moded lasers with high intensity Gaussian beams produce exceptional penetration, this is not always desirable. When welding thin materials or where it is preferred that the weld is not visible from the back then the new Low-moded 200W laser has proven to be an excellent solution. The energy is evenly spread over a wider area, this removes the high intensity peak inherent in Single Mode beams.

For this laser SPI has tailored the beam (M2 ~ 4/ BPP ≤ 1.4mm.rad) to suit the application with the right degree of intensity and mode stability delivering the perfect profile to avoid cratering or breakthroughs in the spot weld. With CW or modulated (up to 100kHz) modulation capability creating sub 10us pulses, and class leading power output variation of <1% the laser provides a solution in micro-welding across a range of applications include smart phones, battery contacts, medical devices and fine connectors.

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