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Stand-alone Dual Vacuum Bakeout Oven

Tue, 07/09/2013 - 5:23pm
MDT Staff


Miyachi Unitek has announced its SA2200 stand-alone vacuum bakeout oven, for adding bakeout capacity independent from an atmospheric enclosure. With a small footprint, easy access front panel controls, and efficient uniform conducted and radiant heat distribution, the SA2200 is a fully integrated, reliable system manufactured to the highest standards.

The standard SA2200 features two front-loading 200° 18-inch ovens, equipped with individual heater temperature controllers and programmable vacuum-backfill bakeout schedule with up to 40 process segments. The included Model 300 natural lubrication oil vacuum pumps are rated to achieve 20 millitorr (0.026 mbar), with a pump speed of 6.8cfm (9.7m3/h). The digital display vacuum gauge, quick change foreline trap alumina cartridge, and integrated mist eliminator filter improve pump reliability and performance.

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