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Professional Enclosures for the Raspberry Pi

Fri, 09/20/2013 - 4:08pm
MDT Staff


TEKO is the first enclosures manufacturer to launch a professional housing solution for the Raspberry PI. The new TEK-BERRY enclosure has a distinctive design that is the result of detailed analysis of the characteristics required to perfectly house this innovative minicomputer. The design of the TEK-BERRY exactly matches the profile of the Raspberry PI circuit board and connectors. The top and base parts firmly snap together to capture the whole Raspberry PI assembly.

Unlike other low cost Raspberry PI enclosures on the market, the I/O apertures on the TEK-BERRY are inset and support the connectors properly. This avoids wear problems on the PCB caused by frequent insertion and removal the USB cables etc. Instead of a simple hole, the TEK-BERRY has a proper LED light guide fitted in the top section for viewing the status light on the device.

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