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Sound Module Intelligently Adjusts to Ambient Noise Automatically

Tue, 09/17/2013 - 3:44pm
MDT Staff

EAO Corporation has developed a unique, intelligent, configurable sound module to alert people for potentially dangerous situations, such as in automatic train doors, pedestrian crossings, and mechanical doors lifts.

Research has showed that standard warning sound modules tend to be pre-set at high volume to cope with loud environments. But during quieter periods, these preset levels can be loud and distracting. With the new, self-adjusting Series 56 Multi-Tone Sound Module (MTSM), EAO solves this problem with a device that's capable of automatically adjusting its volume to counteract ambient noise. It's never too loud or too quiet - always just right. The new MTSM detects background noise and adapts its volume to be a pre-defined number of decibels above ambient noise levels (+2 or +8dB, others on request).

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