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End Mill Delivers High-rate Metal Removal

Tue, 12/10/2013 - 5:17pm
MDT Staff

5ME alters the “balance of power” in titanium cutting with the innovative design of its 20-flute CYCLO CUT Max-Flute end mill, capable of removing up to 12 in3/min with only 45 ft lb of torque and 12 hp. Max-Flute tools use shallow, radial widths of cut, which transfers less heat to the cutting tool. This allows higher surface speeds for roughing titanium, inconel, and other high temperature alloys that have traditionally required high torque at low rpm to achieve desired removal rates.

When coupled with a trochoidal machining strategy, Max-Flute end mills maintain a constant angle of engagement, making the radial cuts more consistent throughout the cutter path, increasing material removal rates and decreasing cycle times, while extending tool life. Max-Flute tools are designed with a differential pitch on the tool flutes to break up harmonics and reduce chatter.

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