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High Frequency, Fine Pitch Piezoelectric Composite

Tue, 01/28/2014 - 3:45pm
MDT Staff


Morgan Advanced Materials has announced the launch of a new range of piezoelectric composite components, ideal for applications where high performance is critical, including medical imaging, doppler flow, and military and commercial sonar. Components manufactured with Piezo composite materials offer improved acoustic performance over traditional transducer materials, feature higher transmit and receive efficiency, and can be produced in custom sizes, shapes, and materials.

Morgan’s piezoelectric composite materials drastically reduce the cross-coupling that typically occurs between different modes in the ceramic of conventional transducers, enabling medical components to respond in a more precise and predictable manner. Components manufactured by Morgan also reduce spurious activity, resulting in higher transmit and receive efficiency. These Piezo composite components also provide lower acoustic impedance and improved transducer bandwidth than conventional piezoelectric ceramics.

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