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Pre-molding with Foam-in-place Packaging

Mon, 02/24/2014 - 5:12pm
MDT Staff

Storopack offers companies in the USA and Canada contract manufacturing of FOAMplus engineered foam-in-place packaging made of polyurethane. Just-in-time delivery of the molded parts is carried out from one of the North American fabrication centers. The comprehensive range of FOAMplus pre-molding services starts with initial analysis and then counsels companies through to the finished molding tool in only a few weeks. As a result of its consultations with Storopack, a medical device manufacturer in the USA has been supplied ready-made universal protective packaging for one of their product lines since the middle of 2012. The foam cushions provide protection for every model of their product line using a single carton size. This new solution has lowered the unit costs for protective packaging by 20 percent and increased productivity in the packaging area by a minimum of 30 percent.

The medical device is both very delicate and expensive. It consists of two parts including a screen with integrated computer unit. Since the equipment may end up saving lives, it requires the highest degree of protection during transport.

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