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UV/EUV Continuous Position Sensor

Fri, 02/28/2014 - 1:25pm
MDT Staff


Opto Diode has introduced the ODD-SXUV-DLPSD, a duo-lateral UV/EUV submicron-position resolution sensor. The new device provides a highly stable response after exposure to ultraviolet and/or extreme ultraviolet radiation. It is available in a TO-8 windowless package to minimize changes in the diode’s responsivity after exposure to intense UV/EUV photons. With a 5 mm x 5 mm active area, the ODD-SXUV-DLPSD is ideal for applications in advanced lithography, and any other positioning application requiring the use of a sub 200 nm wavelength.

The continuous position sensing photodiode is designed for position detection of light from 1 nm to 400 nm wavelengths. The responsivity at 13 nm is typically 0.20 A/W; responsivity at 254 nm is typically 0.02 A/W. Dark current, under operating conditions, is 10 (typical) and 50 (maximum) nA. The new ODD-SXUV-DLPSD features reverse breakdown voltage of a minimum of 50 volts and a capacitance of   40 (typical) to 60 (maximum) pF.

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