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Isolated ECG/EMG/EEG/GSR Biopotential Recording Module

Sun, 03/16/2014 - 3:34pm
MDT Staff


iWorx Systems has introduced the IX-B3G multichannel biopotential recording module that allows recording of up to three channels of ECG, EMG, or EEG as well as GSR (galvanic skin response). A traditional data recorder would require 4 additional recording channels to accomplish this. The recorder includes iWorx LabScribe2 Recording and Analysis Software and connects directly to a USB port on either a Macintosh or Windows computer. The module connects to the subject by snap-leads to pre-gelled Ag/AgCl electrodes for recording biopotentials and a finger electrode to record GSR.

LabScribe2 software features an intuitive, user-friendly interface for setting up acquisition screens, calibrating signals and analyzing data.  A comprehensive set of analysis routines have been pre-configured making data analysis and interpretation quick and easy. LabScribe2 software also includes a scripting function for creating custom analytical routines.

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