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Extended Multi-Ply Labels

Tue, 04/15/2014 - 8:20am
MDT Staff


Topflight Broadens Labeling Options with Expanded Multi-Ply Capabilities

Topflight, an industry leading printer and specialty converter, is manufacturing extended multi-ply, pressure-sensitive labels helping customers meet the ever-expanding labeling and regulatory requirements established by the FDA, and expected by the consumer. Today, there is a greater demand for more extensive information on the packaging of products consumers are buying.

Product packaging plays a critical role in ensuring the safe delivery of products, communicating product information and providing important usage instructions and warnings, sometimes required in multiple languages. Other emerging uses for multi-ply labeling are UPC and 2D bar-coding for additional functionality, rebate information and instant redeemable coupons (IRC).

Multi-ply labels fit more text into a smaller footprint, allowing companies to comply with applicable laws without affecting package design or branding. "We continue to invest in broadening our offerings for expanded content labels to help alleviate the increasing pressure our customers are facing for more print space," commented Brad Harner, VP of Sales and Marketing. Topflight can now manufacture labels with up to five plies, yielding nine printable panels. Clean or dry release coatings facilitate the opening of each panel, and a consumer-friendly peel tab makes opening and re-closing the label easy, with no loss of tack. Labels can be manufactured with either permanent adhesive to form a hinge, or removable adhesive for coupon applications.

Multi-ply labeling is suitable for most curved or flat packaging shapes, with a variety of decorative materials and functional base ply adhesives combined to fit most applications. This labeling option allows companies to maintain branding without decreasing font size, compromising text or omitting valuable copy, which may violate certain rules and regulations.

Find out more about Topflight Co.'s extended multi-ply, pressure-sensitive labels.


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