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Wed, 04/30/2014 - 8:11am
MDT Staff

Six Axis LASERDYNE 430 with Third Generation BeamDirector Now Available with up to 20 kW QCW Fiber Laser

Prima Power Laserdyne has announced availability of the LASERDYNE 430 Series of precision laser systems with up to 20 kW QCW (quasi continuous wave) fiber lasers. This addition to the product offering expands the capability and flexibility of the system for precision cutting, welding, and drilling applications. This is especially important for job shops and a wide range of OEM’s that require precision processing, consistent throughput and quality in a system that is flexible in applications and space efficient. With up to six axes of motion, the system provides the greatest flexibility of any system in its class.

This laser system is designed for ease of use in cutting, welding and drilling of 2D and 3D components requiring precision and consistency. The 430 BeamDirector system adds Laserdyne’s third Generation BeamDirector (BD3Y). This gives users a unique capability for drilling cylindrical and shaped holes, bevel cutting, and welding a wide range of materials including aluminum, copper, stainless steel and titanium, all with the same system.

High power QCW fiber laser provide required peak power for drilling applications and pulsed or CW output for cutting and welding applications. Changeover between multiple sets of parameters occurs in the millisecond time scale so that for the first time differing laser processes and/or multiple operations can be cost effectively performed in the same setup.

Combining higher velocity and acceleration, the third generation BD3Y provides C (rotary) axis motion of 900 degrees, and D (tilt) axis motion of 300 degrees. The BD3Y also includes optical encoders for improved accuracy and repeatability, higher assist gas air-flow, adjustable mirrors for easy and accurate beam alignment, and cassette mounted lens and cover slides for quick, accurate changeover. The robust design and improved motion control allows Laserdyne to maintain accuracy and repeatability specifications at all assist gas pressures up to 20 bar (300 psi).

The BD3Y features industry leading collision protection backed by a five year, unlimited hours warranty covering crash related damage to the head. The BD3Y also includes a wide range of standard focusing lens assemblies including right angle assemblies for processing inside cylinders having diameters as small as 60 mm and welding assemblies that shield the weld metal to prevent contamination and protect the focusing lens from spatter.


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