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PCIe Right Angle Connectors

Wed, 05/14/2014 - 8:00am
MDT Staff


New 85 Ohm PCIe Right Angle Connectors Support Gen 3, Provide Design Flexibility

ERNI has released an extension to their existing 100ohm PCIe product family. This newest 85 Ohm right angle PCI Express connector series provides design flexibility and significant space savings where low clearance above the PCB prohibits the use of vertical configurations. The card edge connectors enable the add-on card to be mounted parallel to the motherboard, saving space in the overall height allowed within the chassis. Designed to the requirements of PCI Express architecture that calls for a high performance point-to-point full duplex I/O Bus connector, the ERNI connector series meets all PCIe Local Bus Standards Rev. 3.0.

The right angle PCIe connector’s footprint is identical to the standard vertical mount configuration. The 85 Ohm connectors come in X1, X4, X8, X16 and new X24 versions with stack heights of 5.84mm (.230”) and 11.18mm (.440”) in the thru-hole configuration. The 100 Ohm right angle PCIe connectors come in X1, X4, X8 and X16 versions with three standard stack heights of 5.84mm (.230”), 11.18mm (.440”) and 16.68mm (.657”) in the thru-hole configuration. New additions to both product families include longer terminal/tail lengths and 30u” Au plating options.

“While most PCI Express connectors available in the market are vertical, the ERNI PCIe connectors are right-angled. This horizontal card entry design allows for clearance of components on the host board by offering various heights. This design also eliminates reliability risks that are most often the case with riser-card type applications involving multiple interfaces and interposer boards. The right angle PCIe connector solution is popular for chassis designs intended to accommodate sub-2U and 1U platforms,” said Kevin Oursler, Director Sales and Marketing at ERNI.

The right angle PCIe connector pins are insert molded into the connector to allow for exact registration of the contacts on both the daughter card side and the board mount thru side.

The connector itself is molded out of a high temperature plastic to allow the connector to withstand the higher reflow and IR temperatures required for processing lead free components. The overall rugged construction of this connector makes it well suited for consumer, server, and industrial applications.


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