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Fri, 05/09/2014 - 8:00am
MDT Staff


Flexx-Sil Tubing Cables Now Available From Cicoil 

Cicoil, the leader in flexible flat cable technology now offers Highly Durable Flexx-Sil Tubing Cables. Combining multiple tubing lines in an easy to use flat configuration is an excellent alternative to loose, bundled, tangled and unprotected tubing assemblies.

The new Flexx-Sil Tubing Cables are suitable for pneumatics or fluids, and even pod tubes for housing individual wires or fiber optics, making it an ideal solution for medical diagnostic, pharmaceutical processing, biotech, wafer handling, painting robots and automated pick-and-place equipment. Cicoil’s Flexx-Sil  Tubing Cables can incorporate individual or multiple PTFE, PFA, Polyurethane, Tygon and PVC tubes, and each can be placed anywhere within the flat profile. 

Through the use of a patented process of encasing individual components, each Flexx-Sil Tubing Cable can also incorporate power wires, shielded signal pairs, Ethernet, Thermocouple, USB, Coax, FireWire, and Cicoil’s StripMount fastening strip, all combined in a single flat profile precisely controlling the spacing of each component, insulation thickness and overall cable shape.

The tear resistant Flexx-Sil Jacket is halogen-free & flame retardant, and is also self-healing from small punctures.  In addition, the flexible cable jacket  will not wear, crack or deform due to long term exposure to UV light, autoclave, steam, radiation, chlorine water, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, saline, excessive heat (+260°C), vibration, mechanical stress, corrosion, humidity, cold temperatures (-65°C) and many chemicals. 


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