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Gyros Deliver Higher Performance in Harsh Environments

Tue, 06/17/2014 - 12:55am
MDT Staff


Qualtre, Inc is introducing the QGYR330H BAW MEMS gyroscopes, fully integrated, three-axis angular rate sensors with optional digital output based on Qualtré’s patented Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) MEMS technology. The new BAW MEMS gyros are manufactured using a highly versatile and scalable High Aspect-Ratio Poly and Single-crystalline Silicon (HARPSSTM) fabrication process, which allows unprecedented combination of robustness, performance, and size advantages over conventional MEMS tuning-fork gyroscopes. Samples of the QGYR330xx devices are now available in a small LGA32 package that is RoHS and green compliant.

“The unique BAW structure senses capacitance changes in a resonating proof mass in the presence of Coriolis force which results in a quality factor (Q factor) inherently higher by several orders of magnitude than legacy gyros, allowing mechanical amplification to achieve greater sensitivity, stability, and noise performance,” said Dr. Sreeni Rao, Vice President of Vertical Markets, Qualtre, Inc. “Additionally, the QGYR330H gyroscope’s proof mass enables high shock / vibration immunity due to its very rigid construction and small size. These attributes meet the challenging requirements of applications ranging from portable and wearable devices to industrial robots and critical automotive safety systems.”

For more information, visit www.Qualtré.com.




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