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Innovative Silicon Nanowire Technology Detects Biomarkers

Thu, 06/19/2014 - 4:12pm
MDT Staff


Vista Therapeutics recently announced the NanoBioSensor platform for the rapid label free detection and measurement of biomarkers directly from blood and bodily fluids in very low sample volumes. This versatile platform allows the detection and measurement of virtually any biomarker desired: proteins, DNA strands, RNA strands, microRNAs and molecular antibodies over a 5 log dynamic range of sample concentration.

The NanoCard contains a fluidic interface and the silicon nanowire FET sensors. The NanoCards are functionalized for the assay desired with mABs, fABs, complementary DNA, RNA or microRNA strands, aptamers or SOMAmers as capture molecules to the target biomarker of interest. The Vista platform includes a functionalization kit for maximum versatility where the customer can easily create an assay on-site for their biomarker of interest or arrange to have the NanoCards pre-functionalized depending on their needs.

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