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BioMimetic Therapeutics, Inc. to Introduce Augmatrix Biocomposite Bone Graft Product Line at AAOS

February 9, 2012 5:05 am | News | Comments

FRANKLIN, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BioMimetic Therapeutics, Inc. today announced it will introduce Augmatrixâ„¢ Biocomposite Bone Graft, a new bone graft substitute product line, to surgeons and distributors at its exhibit booth during the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons...

BD Veritor System for Flu A+B Featuring Alverix Technology Receives Regulatory Approval in Japan

February 9, 2012 5:02 am | News | Comments

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Alverix announced today that BD (Becton, Dickinson and Company) has received approval from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare (MHLW) for the BD Veritorâ„¢ System Flu A+B Test. The BD Veritor System was developed...

Flipping a Light Switch in the Cell: Quantum Dots Used for Targeted Neural Activation

February 9, 2012 4:59 am | News | Comments

WASHINGTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--By harnessing quantum dots-tiny light-emitting semiconductor particles a few billionths of a meter across-researchers at the University of Washington (UW) have developed a new and vastly more targeted way to stimulate neurons in the brain.


Cellnovo Launches World's F?rst Mob?le-Connected D?abetes Management System

February 9, 2012 4:40 am | News | Comments

LONDON UK. Cellnovo today announced both the commercial launch of the world's only mobile-connected diabetes management system, and the start of the largest usability trial ever to investigate insulin pump technology for patients with type 1 diabetes. The trial will also be the first in...

Survey: Medical Device Industry Reports Healthy Sales, Ongoing BRIC Interest

February 9, 2012 4:36 am | News | Comments

AUSTIN, Tex.-Despite a tepid economy, medical device manufacturers' international sales growth rates continued to outpace their domestic business in 2011, demonstrating the increasingly global nature of the industry. According to a new survey of more than 2,600 medical device industry...

Survey: Smaller Medical Device Firms Plan to Increase Prices and Lower Costs to Offset US Excise Tax

February 9, 2012 4:34 am | News | Comments

AUSTIN, Tex.-According to a new industry survey conducted by global consultancy Emergo Group, medical device manufacturers plan to increase prices for their products in order to offset the effects of a proposed 2.3% excise tax on all device sales in the US set to take effect in 2013.

Depuy Orthopaedics Unveils Advancements in Orthopaedic Treatment at AAOS

February 9, 2012 4:32 am | News | Comments

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc. (DePuy) announced the launch of several new advancements in orthopaedics spanning joint replacement, shoulder reconstruction and hip revision surgery, each designed to optimize or streamline procedures, personalize care and...

Gently Removing and Long-Term Wear Adhesives

February 8, 2012 9:39 am | Product Releases | Comments

Adhesives Research, a leading developer and manufacturer of adhesive products, invites OEMs and product designers to learn about its newest adhesive technology for wound care and medical device products...


High Flex Silicone Cables for Surgical Robotics

February 8, 2012 6:14 am | Product Releases | Comments

Cicoil’s highly flexible & durable flat silicone cables are designed for use on Surgical Robotic Systems that require absolute reliability in routine and life-critical procedures. Cicoil’s proprietary silicone cable...

Health Canada Issues Medical Device License to Baxano for iO-Flex System

February 8, 2012 5:46 am | News | Comments

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Baxano, Inc., a Silicon Valley based medical device company and manufacturer of the iO-Flex® System for spinal decompression surgery, announced today that it has received a medical device license (license # 88060) from Health Canada permitting...

Cervical Ripening Balloon from Cook Medical Now Available with Stylet

February 8, 2012 5:43 am | News | Comments

BLOOMINGTON, Ind.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Cook Medical's Cervical Ripening Balloon will now be available with a guiding stylet that offers added stiffness to facilitate placement when conditions for inducing labor are unfavorable. The addition of a stylet helps obstetricians position the balloon...

Wright Medical Group, Inc. Announces 510(k) Clearance and Limited U.S. Launch of the PROPHECY INBONE Pre-Operative Navigation Alignment Guides

February 8, 2012 5:41 am | News | Comments

ARLINGTON, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Wright Medical Group, Inc., a global orthopaedic medical device company, today announced the 510(k) clearance and limited launch of the PROPHECY® INBONE® Pre-Operative Navigation Alignment Guides for total ankle replacement.

Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs) - Drug Safety Communication: Clostridum Difficile-Associated Diarrhea (CDAD) Can be Associated With Stomach Acid Drugs

February 8, 2012 5:30 am | by U.S. Food & Drug Administration | News | Comments

Symptoms may include watery stool, abdominal pain, and fever. Patients may go on to develop more serious intestinal conditions.


Sensable Customers Showcase Touch-Enabled Surgical, Medical Simulation and Robotics Innovations at MMVR Conference

February 8, 2012 5:21 am | News | Comments

WILMINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sensable's customers will feature prominently at the Medicine Meets Virtual Reality (MMVR) Conference in Newport Beach, California beginning tomorrow, where they will showcase innovative haptically-enabled surgical, medical simulation...

Zimmer and ISTO Technologies Announce Phase III Clinical Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Engineered Juvenile Cartilage to Repair Damaged Knees

February 8, 2012 5:12 am | News | Comments

WARSAW, IN and ST. LOUIS, MO - Zimmer Holdings, Inc., a global leader in musculoskeletal health, and ISTO Technologies, Inc., an orthobiologics company focused on developing breakthrough products to regenerate and restore function to damaged cartilage and bone, today announced a Phase III...

Meeting Materials for the Neurological Devices Panel meeting to be held on 2/10/12

February 8, 2012 4:30 am | by U.S. Food & Drug Administration | News | Comments

The Neurological Devices Panel reviews and evaluates data concerning the safety and effectiveness of marketed and investigational in vitro devices for use in clinical laboratory medicine including clinical and molecular genetics ...

Invuity Launches Advanced Visualization System for Spinal Surgeries

February 7, 2012 5:50 am | News | Comments

SAN FRANCISCO/PRNewswire/ -- Invuity, a leading developer of state-of-the-art surgical visualization technology, today debuted its illuminated Eigrâ„¢ Taylor Retractor System at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting (Feb. 7-10) at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Corentec Co., Ltd. Launches Corentec America, Inc. at Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS)

February 7, 2012 5:28 am | News | Comments

IRVINE, Calif. and SAN FRANCISCO /PRNewswire/ -- Corentec Co., Ltd., a leading medical device technology company in Asia, and based in South Korea, today announced that the Company is now offering its orthopedic products in the U.S. with the launch of Corentec America, Inc...

‘Camera in a Pill' Endoscopy Sees Increasing Acceptance and Sales

February 7, 2012 5:20 am | News | Comments

New York-Driven by innovative devices such as capsule endoscopes, the entire gastrointestinal device market grew to $14.6 billion in 2011, according to healthcare market research publisher Kalorama Information. Capsule endoscopy has been one of the fastest areas of revenue growth for manufacturers...

Robotic-Assisted PCI Procedures Using Corpath 200 System Will Be Discussed During CRT2012 Conference

February 7, 2012 5:08 am | News | Comments

NATICK, Mass. – Corindus Vascular Robotics, a leading developer of precision vascular robotics, today announced that Giora Weisz, M.D., Director of Clinical Cardiovascular Research at the Center for Interventional Vascular Therapy at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center...

VuCOMP Receives Premarket Approval for Mammography Computer-Aided Detection System

February 6, 2012 6:08 am | News | Comments

PLANO, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--VuCOMP, Inc., developer of computer-aided detection (CAD) systems for automatic analysis of medical imagery, is pleased to announce premarket approval (PMA) of M-Vu®, a cutting-edge CAD system for film mammography. M-Vu is indicated for use...

Global Market for Catheters to Reach $32.1 Billion in 2016

February 6, 2012 5:54 am | News | Comments

Wellesley, Mass. – According to a new technical market research report, GLOBAL MARKETS FOR CATHETERS (HLC019E) from BCC Research, the global market for catheters reached nearly $21.2 billion in 2011 and is expected to increase...

GAO Investigation Finds Lack of Price Transparency in Medical Device Marketplace May Drive up Costs for Hospitals and Medicare

February 6, 2012 5:47 am | News | Comments

Washington, DC – The Healthcare Supply Chain Association (HSCA) today applauded the U.S. Government Accountability Office for its new report, Lack of Price Transparency May Hamper Hospitals' Ability to Be Prudent Purchasers of Implantable Medical Devices, which found that...

Healthy People Co. Dietary Supplements: Recall - Undeclared Drug Ingredient

February 6, 2012 5:31 am | by U.S. Food & Drug Administration | News | Comments

Recalled products pose significant risk to patients with a history of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, or stroke.

Gris-PEG (griseofulvin ultramicrosize): Health Advisory - Risk of Product Mix-Up

February 3, 2012 12:31 pm | by U.S. Food & Drug Administration | News | Comments

During packaging and labeling, tablets from one product type may have carried over into packaging of another product.

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