The Pulse: New Interface Rewires Nerves from Amputated Limbs

Thu, 06/13/2013 - 9:43am
Eric Sorensen, Coordinator of Multimedia Development

This episode features:

  • A team of researchers at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago demonstrated a type of peripheral interface called targeted muscle re-innervation or TMR. By rewiring nerves from amputated limbs, new interfaces allow for prosthetic control with existing muscles.
  • A team of doctors at Duke University Hospital helped create a bioengineered blood vessel and transplanted it into the arm of a patient with end-stage kidney disease. The procedure is a milestone in the field of tissue engineering.
  • Chemists at the University of Pittsburgh have demonstrated a sensor technology that could significantly simplify the diagnosis and monitoring of diabetes through breath analysis alone.
  • New technology under development at The Ohio State University is paving the way for low-cost electronic devices that work in direct contact with living tissue inside the body.

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