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CleanCut Technologies
by CleanCut Technologies

Most medical devices require some form of pad printing to mark biohazard labels, measurement indicators, part identification information or required branded logos. But some complex devices pose a challenge to accurately and cleanly print upon.

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by Robert Chevalier, Director of Sensor Sales, Americas HBM

In today’s highly competitive medical device marketplace, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and their associated design and engineering personnel are opting to include custom strain gauge sensing technologies into finished product designs, as a means of achieving greater business advantage. The capability, accuracy...

by LtCol Ricardo J. Blanco, Vice President, Dr. Gil Wilshire, MD, Medical Director; ERBLAN Surgical, Inc.

A number of salient design challenges confront instrument manufactures in developing safe, simple tools for creating the initial access port for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS). Trocars are designed for the creation of an access port, typically in the abdomen, during laparoscopic procedures. The process for creating and use...

by Arena

Learn how Arena ensured an immediate ROI for Sinton by reducing shipping delays, decreased product errors, and - most importantly — measured cost savings.

by Arena

To formalize manufacturing processes and operations to accelerate time to market, reduce product errors and bogus parts, Graphite Systems turned to Arena's cloud-based solution. In addition to decreasing design cycles from six months down to a few weeks, we explore the other results that were delivered in this case study.

by Arena

Here’s a business riddle for MBA grads: What solution helped a lighting manufacturer reduce engineering change order (ECO) cycle times by 75%, a networking company improve ECO cycle times by 70%, and a digital processing business accelerate time to market by 20%?

by Arena

Companies without the vision and solution to respond to change and adopt new technologies quickly could lose in this competitive fast-paced high tech market. Discover how product companies shift product direction quickly to turn today's disruptive changes into tomorrow's "Next Big Thing".

by Gems Sensors & Controls

The provisioning of medical gases to hospitals, mobile health providers and in-patient care environments requires absolute conformance to stringent industry standards. As a result, manufacturers, distributors and facility safety managers must have complete confidence in supply quality and continuity. It is important to note that, whilst accredited...


Learn how Arena PLM has helped clean tech OEMs develop new products and get them to market on time and on budget.


Discover why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other regulatory bodies see the concept of total product lifecycle (TPLC) management as the gold standard for ensuring quality and guiding a medical device from concept to completion.


According to an Aberdeen Group report, embedding quality and design control processes within a PLM solution can reduce internal and external failure costs by more than 50% and reduce the total cost of quality by 8%.

by Dexter Magnetic Technologies

Sophisticated medical technology is creating faster and more efficient processes to support today’s health care needs. From nanotechnology developments to expanding knowledge of cellular biology, diagnostic practices are advancing the future of the medical field. Biomagnetic separation is a technique which...


Maintaining an efficient supply chain is widely acknowledged as a key strategic imperative for businesses across the global life science sectors. The unrelenting pressure to manage lean, productive and profitable operations is forcing many companies to examine their supply chains and to develop more adaptive approaches...

by LinkTech

Quick disconnect couplings are often times seen as an unimportant component in an application. These small elements should not be overlooked or ignored considering how little individuals know about the concept of quick couplings and their significance. They are quite complex and at times misconceived...


There is a growing demand for surgically viable medical devices produced via 3D printing. As reported in this study, excellent antimicrobial properties can be achieved by applying a commercially available, water-based, antimicrobial coating to 3D printed devices.

by Rong Gu, Director, LightSpeed ADL, Resonetics

Smaller and denser micro-aperture arrays are opening up new applications in life sciences such as DNA sequencing, cell-based diagnostics, real-time PCR, tissue and bone repair. Excimer laser micromachining technology can simultaneously...


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